♥ Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

I baked my birthday cake, and ate it too! The cake was garnished with wild flowers from my mom's garden in Lake Tahoe. 

I made a triple layer lemon blueberry cake, with lemon curd filling and lemon zest frosting. It was the last blue moon until 2015, and I was turning 30, so the cake tasted extra delicious!


♥ Butterfly Cake!

White cake with Oreo cookie filling, buttercream frosting, and covered with gumpaste butterfly and flower accents. 


♥ Dump Truck Cake!

Cake serves 20-30 people. 

Hersey's classic chocolate cake and frosting. Cake carved and covered in fondant.

Dirt made with cookie crumbs, raisinets, and Reese's pieces candies. 

Chocolate covered doughnut wheels. 


♥ Pinkalicious Birthday Cake!

Happy 2nd Birthday Haylie!

 Vanilla cake, with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting. 

Served 30 people. 

The blue print :)


♥ Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian's birthday cake was a vanilla cake, with blueberry filling,  cream cheese frosting, and covered in fondant. For pricing and ordering information please check out my website

Black sparkling piping gel with requested font.

Fondant accents.

Requested by his wife, the cake was to be modeled after birthday boy's company logo; Daqri.


♥ Kristina and Steven Get Married!

An ombre style wedding cake with purple and white sweet peas.

Enjoyed by me and 150 people plus!

Sometimes the baker gets to bake her cake and eat it too.


♥ Happy 40th Walter!

 White Cake with Bavarian creme filling and white chocolate frosting.

Piped with purple royal icing,

and fondant accents.


♥ I get by with a little help from my friends!

Hand piped white chocolate cupcake toppers.

Piped dark chocolate hearts.

Chocolate cupcakes with a coconut cream cheese frosting. 

Made with help from a fantastic friend. 

Toasted coconut toppings.

Boxed up and ready to taste!


♥ It's Was A Monster Bash!

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Valentine. 

Vanilla Cake with Orange Buttercream Frosting and Cake Pop Eyeballs. 

White Chocolate Teeth and Eyes.


♥ Coat Optional!

Shirt and tie cake made with spice cake and cream cheese frosting.

The gold cuff link in my favorite accent. 

Everything is edible.

Fondant cake with sugar paper accents.


♥ Happy Birthday Jennifer!

A simple, but cute, cake fit for a few.

Serves 4-8 people.

5 vanilla layers filled with an almond butter cream frosting.